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In order to make a smooth-playing monophonic synthesizer, we need to update our synthesizer with some logic flow that discriminates between different MIDI note off messages to make sure that none of them cut off notes that are currently being held from a MIDI note on signal. Additionally, the episode show one how to build an ADSR envelope in Pure Data. In pd, one can use some logic and control signals to create an adjustable ADSR envelope for a synthesizer.

In this episode, we continue building our synthesizer in Pure Data. Now that there is a MIDI input module, this episode shows how to make a multi-oscillator module that has selectable waveforms. One can shoose between a sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth waveform. This episode shows how to convert MIDI note data into frequency control over the oscillator and MIDI velocity as amplitude control.

Pure Data is a graphic programming environment that allows you to build your own software. In this part of the series, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore show how to build a simple modular synthesizer. Because the construction is modular, different components can be added with each upcoming episode. In this episode he shows how to receive MIDI data into pd and how to take that data, display it, and get it ready to be routed throughout the rest of the synthesizer. There are a few logical strategies to controlling the flow of the data that are discussed. One learns how to receive and utilize note, velocity, modulation wheel, sustain pedal, and pitch bend information.

This lesson is a primer on dynamics processing. It covers the concept of amplitude and sound intensity and the two major forms of dynamics processing that are regularly used in a variety of media, compression and gating. Utilizing Adobe Audition, this tutorial goes over how to smooth out spoken voice fluctuations and how to eliminate noise in between the words. Overall, this is a good beginner's guide to amplitude, dynamics processing, compression, gating, and expansion.

In this episode, we look at wavetable synthesis and how to create the four basic wave shapes in by using additive synthesis. Additive synthesis is when sine tones are combined together at different strengths in order to make more complex wavefroms. Sine tones are used at different harmonic strengths to make triangle, square, and sawtooth waveforms. The sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, and sawtooth wave are the four basic waveforms in synthesis.These concepts are presented int his lesson using Pure Data. pd is capable of using sine tones in summed harmonic frequencies to create the four basic waveshapes.

The four basic wave shapes in synthesis are the sine wave, the triangle wave, the square wave, and the sawtooth wave. These wave shapes are also different variants of the harmonic spectra that help to illustrate the different harmonic structures of sound and how they affect tone color. These different ideological wave shapes also are the cornerstones for analyzing spectral characteristics of natural sound. This lesson helps one to understand how to shape these sound waves using digital audio software such as Pure Data. This episode covers the math involve in shaping these waveforms in pd.

One of the most fundamental concepts that must be understood in the fields of sound recording, sound design, synthesis, and audio production, in general, is that of frequency and the frequency spectrum. The frequency spectrum of a sound not only contains its fundamental pitch, but it also contains a host of frequencies that give it its unique tone color.

This episode covers the fundamental frequency, overtones, harmonics, and partials. Adobe Audition is utilized to visualize the frequency spectrum and see as well as hear the harmonics and partials that make up spoken voice as well as sung voice. Spear by Michael Klingbeil is used to understand how component sine waves come together in varying intensities and frequencies to make up the partials and harmonics in a sound. This tutorial is an essential primer in understanding sound frequencies and the frequency spectrum.

Spear can be downloaded for free from

in this episode of Wayfarer Forges sound, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore furthers the understanding of digital audio fundamentals, such as sampling, sampling rate, oscillators, and phase. Within this episode one can learn how to create an oscillator in Pure Data, attenuate that oscillator in pd, establish the cycle and the phase of that oscillator as well. Overall, tis episode covers oscillators, cycles, phase, and phase cancellation.

The Wayfarer Forges Sound series includes various topics within the realms of computer music and electro-acoustic music. Dr. Lawrence W. Moore covers topics that range from synthesis, electronic music composition, audio engineering, signal processing, sound design, and interactive media.

In this first episode and season of the series, Moore focuses on building up one's fundamental knowledge of digital audio, synthesis, electronic music, and other important topics for further learning. The software Pure Data by Miller Puckette is utilized to get an "under the hood" understanding of digital audio and the basics of recording and synthesizing sound. This first episode uniquely focuses on understanding samples, sampling rate, sample tables, and the basic language of pd.

PD can be downloaded from

This piece is a sequence of the first eight hexagrams from the I Ching, and outline their meaning in both musical and visual form. These different hexagrams are used as the graphic elements that make up different portions of the overall visual piece at their appropriate moments in time for their stages in order. The colors interpret their meaning. The various textures of noise are also constructed from the hexagram shape as various frequency ranges are passed through filtering, creating an aural layer of their hexagram shape. The pan flute performance is an interpretation of the struggle for one to begin and reach a point of establishment, facing the different challenges of spirit that come along the way, as indicated by the sequence of the first eight hexagrams of the I Ching, which tell this story of establishment.

This is a metaphysical exploration of the phenomenon of synchronicity. There are seeming coincidences in our lives that come from a patterns int he universe that stem from our own conscious creation. These patterns are complex, just like anything that is physically organic. The non-physical organic aspect to the universe is where the mystery lies, but it is a living entity in and of itself. This combined entity of the universe, however, includes us, and as individuals, we affect the growth of the universe and the growth of our lives over time.

Voice Performed by Liza Seigido:

This is a metaphysical exploration of the phenomenon of synchronicity. There are seeming coincidences in our lives that come from a patterns int he universe that stem from our own conscious creation. These patterns are complex, just like anything that is physically organic. The non-physical organic aspect to the universe is where the mystery lies, but it is a living entity in and of itself. This combined entity of the universe, however, includes us, and as individuals, we affect the growth of the universe and the growth of our lives over time.

Voice Performed by Liza Seigido

This piece paints the picture of a meditation on a hillside, in which the one who is meditating gradually feels himself being enveloped by the land. In this process of becoming one with the setting, the meditation brings about visions and sounds that allow one to see the fibers that make up the reality that we see on a daily basis. This infinite network of fibers makes up the physical reality around us. If we put the energy from our dreams into the energy of these fibers, we can see our dreams manifest before us in time.

French Horn Performed by: Corey Klein

This piece was a collaboration between Lawrence W. Moore (music) and Liza Seigido (video). Moore composed the music in an effort to work with the small, almost instantaneous element of a snapping sound, generated by using an empty sync table. Moore generated the instrument in Csound and applied many parameters to it, which allowed him to create an adventure from using such a simple sound. Seigido created the video from a short, 7 second clip of video footage of US1 on the way back from the Florida Keys.

Video by Liza Seigido
Music by Lawrence W. Moore

The Nomad wanders from area to area in order to sustain his life and that of his family. The traveling life is a difficult one, full of challenges, but it is also full of opportunities. One needs to place faith in one’s self in order to survive this way and prosper. This meditation reaches the inside of the viewer/listener and stimulates one’s drive and integrity to push onward in difficult times.

This piece is a moving Meditation Mandala with hypnotic music for creating an alpha state and a hypnotic video for bringing one’s thinking into the abstract. Will is the power that we have to focus our attention onto life experiences. It is also a power that we have to focus our focal point onto higher planes of existence and perceptions that are beyond our ordinary reality.

The Ring Mandala is a meditation on Air and Earth spirits joining together in a union. This is a grounding meditation for the mind and the body. The symbolism draws upon imagery that reaches our inner sense of exploration and binds it with our inner sense of home on the Earth. This piece was offered by the composer, Lawrence W. Moore as an engagement ring to Liza Seigido. The answer was "yes."

This piece is both a meditation and an art composition. Just beneath the water's surface is where one can look through the transparent water to the sky. Just as our ego's lie just beneath the surface of our being, we see out at the wonders around us that are just there visually, but so far away from our ability to truly behold. Behind us is the mystery in the deep. We prefer to look outward. When we do, we are still seeing ourselves.

The music was composed using the analog modular synthesis equipment listed below. This audio was then set to binaural beating to help produce an alpha wave state and a theta wave state. The visual material is to help keep the eyes focused on doing something relaxing to encourage less internal verbal dialogue.

On the shores of Sanibel Island, one enters into the environment and re-establishes the link between one's self and the world around. In such places of natural beauty, there is a power that can be tapped that, when drawn into the self, allow the self to project outward into what, metaphysically, is a part of the self. The world beyond is a mysterious one. When not using the eyes, the visions are different than what the eyes see. When not using the ears, one hears the inner music of the self and the world beyond.

This is a piece that is part creative imagination and part meditation. It strives to capture the experience of being one with the surroundings in a natural place of beauty. The music was recorded using various synthesizer modules, that produce a very organic analog electronic sound. This sound combines the organic, in the analog curves of the sound and the metaphysical derived from the fact that it is nonetheless, electronic.

This, the title track form the Sanctuary album, by Wayfarer, signals to one that he or she is about to embark on a journey back to his or her past and come into a story that has been going on since ancient times. It is s the story of the many lives of the individuals who have walked the Earth. As individuals, each of us has a story within the overall story. Our life is full of creative potential, fueled by our dreams. After all, our dreams and what we make of them is the only original gift that we will ever have to offer the universe.


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The Wayfarer Project is home of the creative endeavors of composer, multimedia artist, software developer, and audio engineer, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore. Moore's endeavors span a variety of creative media. Such interests include music, video art, video games, multimedia software design, and more.