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Welcome to the video, today we are talking about COVID-19 an alternative healing plan.

While the medical model is pushing its agenda to have everybody vaccinated, what alternatives do we have and how effective will they be in the fight against COVID19?

In today’s episode COVID-19 an alternative healing plan we talk about:
- The concept that viruses are packets of RNA and/or DNA carrying genetic updates for our immune system that evolve our species to survive the changes in our environment including environmental pathogens, its called evolution.
- And how resolution and evolution of ourselves are key to this concept. And why getting your tribe is an important step in surviving the future because a tribe offers resources conducive to evolution, particularly if you communicate with the intention of finding solutions.

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Tribal healing in a nut shell.
We have a model showing the direct link between a “threat appraisal” and our “primal biological response system” in the manifestation of disease and illness. By following a resolution healing process using “the eleven virtues of the energetic heart” we are able to switch an active “threat appraisal” to a “challenge appraisal” in turn returning the body back to homeostasis.