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Bill Gates issues an order : you will take "ongoing vaccinations".

Garath Soloway called for $20k BTC months before it happened. He was ripped at the time but accurate. He's calling for a final "flush out," perhaps to $14k by year's end. Listen carefully.

China's people are completely enslaved. Download. Share. Mirror.
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Bill Gates tells the world that we need to be boosted every six months - or shorter - and that vaccination will be ongoing for years to come. Note how he smiles as the edicts come forth...

Catherine Austin Fitts: "The BIS [Bank of International Settlements] and the central bankers are trying to create a system where they're completely free of the laws of our nation-states and governments. In other words, they're asserting sovereign immunity from all laws and literally trying to create a breakaway civilization under the law where they are free to do whatever they want."

De-population agenda: eat bugs in a prison camp and die while protecting the planet from humanity.

The IMF, World Bank, and the European Commission turned on the money spigot with Covid relief loans. These loans come with performance and even social engineering standards and obligations. Many countries do not have the ability to pay them back. More fake plandemics and lockdowns will continue to collapse economies. In addition, the IMF's SDR unit of currency is explained.
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The intelligence committee warns of bioweapons designed on an individual or ethnic DNA profile. Putin also warned about such bioweapons. It's already happening. All the while, the CIA among other entities are developing bioweapons to mass murder people via their food, water and air.

Whistleblower funeral director, John O'Looney, presents the clots pulled out of the veins of a corpse by an embalmer, including the heart's aorta. What they reveal are massive structures growing inside. This is not normal.

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Published scientific papers:
Dr. Pablo Compra - Microstructures in covid vaccines

Mik Andersen - Intra-body nano-network

Areej Omar Baalghusun - Routing Protocols for Wireless Nanosensor Networks and Internet of Nano Things: A Comprehensive Survey

Maria Zeee discusses the WEF's "inevitable" cyber attack that will render all digital devices useless until the world accepts a "cyber vaccine" to restore access.

Dr. De Benito questioned 137 patients. Having assured proper office isolation and switching off the patient's devices, 86% of vaccinated patients emitted bluetooth signals, while 100% of the unvaccinated patients did not emit bluetooth signals. He noted that when the patients who emitted bluetooth signals left the office their MAC signatures also disappeared from his device.

Dr. Ariyana Love talks about a stunning report linking the global death surge to the Covid jab.
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W.H.O. Director General, Tedros, says the Covid-19 Pandemic is not over. New variants require "the next generation of counter-measures." Dissidents will be sent to internment camps. Download. Share. Mirror.
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Dr. Jane has evidence that the CDC is not only hiding grotesque numbers of bio-weapon injection deaths, but they are reclassifying the category for death with new diagnostic codes.

Reiner Feullmich explains the four steps to NWO depopulation and control of world resources. Share. Download. Mirror.
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Dr. Jane talks with Board Certified Embalmer, Richard Hirschman, who discovered new, grotesque, growths in the jabbed dead, now with mysterious ball sacks. Download. Share. Mirror.
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WHO Chief 'Terrorist' Tedros says that governments need to flush out the unvaccinated. Australia is now facing a new variant called the Ninja variant, and they are preparing to lock-down their nation...again.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny discusses the numerous and documented Covid vaccine injuries and the detrimental, long-lasting, heath effects.
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Your genetic code is re-programed...and there is nothing you can do about it. Dr. Peter McCullough is joined by Drs. Gold and Bartlett to present evidence that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine changes human DNA.
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HHS Secretary Becerra warns of "strong chance we’ll see a resurgence" of Covid-19 or variants in Fall, and ready to "go as far as we can when it comes to vaccination." Take note...President Trump's Executive Order #13887, September 19, 2021.
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Putin declared the end of "liberal-globalist American egocentrism " in a combative speech that threatened Western countries.
The Moscow Times:

The President "recommends" the Covid-19 vaccine. Schedule an appointment today and get back to us.
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Dr. Rima Laibow knows history. This is a powerful interview with Maria Zeee.


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