In this video I describe what is involved in replacing the speakers in a 2019 Insight. I tell you if it's worth it, what to expect, and what problems you might run into. Parts used: metra 72-7800 speaker harness, Ballistic sound matting, Kicker qss65 component speakers, Kicker ksc350 center speaker, Kicker compr 4ohm 8" subwoofer, Audiocontrol ACM-1.300 amplifier, American International HSB524 speaker rings.

In this video I show you what we did to replace the rear deck speakers on my 2019 Honda Insight Touring. To tap into your tweeter wires without cutting the connectors off please see this video.

This is a quick preview on the install of new speakers and sub in the rear deck of my Honda Insight Touring. I show you the order we removed panels and I show you the 85% complete system. Video of the actual install to come soon after.

Originally this video was part of a user request to hear what engine droning sounds like when hill climbing, but, it kind of turned into a wash since I don't have a lot of hills to climb. Consider this a general state of the car and information about droning video. I do get one instance of droning featured on this video. I'll upload something more interesting in the near future.

This is my current opinion of how the system now sounds with only the front speakers replaced and the doors matted with ballistic sound dampening. Is it worth it?

In this video I show you how to replace the center channel in the 2019 Honda Insight Touring with a better speaker. Easy Peasey!

In this video I will show the install of the front speakers and tweeters along with ballistic matting and an overall opinion on what it's like to work on this car.

Update on the completion of the minor recall for the Ford Fusion Energi and an update on the Subwoofer and how to make sure it's installed correctly.

Well the subwoofer is now installed and I'll show you what it looks like and tell you how it turned out.

This is my second trip to Charlies to see if we can get the fuel door flush with the body.

In this video I show you the hideaway sub and various parts that will be installed in my Ford Fusion Energi this Saturday.

In this video I take a closer look at my Insight and find that there seems to be a whole array of uneven panel gaps and trim and door mis-alignments. Is this common on the new Insight? Let me know.

In this video I further explain my comments on the gas mileage on this car and when a Prius just might be the better choice for you.

In this video I go over a whole host of observations made about features either missing or poorly implemented on the Honda Insight by a forum user.

In this video I take my Insight in for her first service and oil change. More information on the radio upgrade I'm going to do and the radar fails to see a car ahead of me again.

Quick update on the recall repair and a tiny review of my first time using the Ventilated seats.

In this video I'll be showing you the speakers and parts I plan on using to upgrade my stereo in the 2019 Honda Insight Touring.

A fair warning. If you lease a Ford Fusion Energi get the optional turn in insurance. Here's a lesson I hope none of you have to learn.

I'm finally releasing this video which shows how to keep your power indicators in the best position to obtain better gas mileage. I also show how I use the paddles to increase regenerative braking and send power to the batteries.

Update on my 2019 Ford Fusion Energi on it's near 5000 mile anniversary and a possible recall.

This is a full overview of all the features, gadgets, and settings the built in GPS in the 2019 Honda Insight Touring model has to offer. Sorry about the focus problems towards the end.

This is a user requested video that gives a small introduction to the trip computer and also explains the only way I currently know how to use the car to estimate the overall gas mileage since day one.

This is a quick video of the built in GPS navigation in action on the 2019 Insight Touring. Did it at night so it's a bit on the grainy side.

In this video I show off all the accessories I have currently installed on my new Honda Insight, and I tell you which are worth a go and which you should say Nay Nay to.

This was part of a video that I did about a week ago to show techniques on how to increase gas mileage on the Insight which didn't pan out. I decided to upload this outtake for a laugh so you can see what happens when some jerk flies right up behind me.


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