In this video I relate a questionable thing Best Buy tried to do to an employee and how they made it right in the end.

The second part of my 2 part series on my Ford Fusion Energi. In this video I let you know about all the things I can't stand about this car.

Well it's time for a new system update to the notoriously crashy Honda Insight system. Lets hope this one fixes more of those troubles.

In this video I give a general response to viewers comments to my earlier video about being laid off from Best Buy after 21 years. I also directly respond to one of the nastier takes to my video.

link to first video:

I think the title says it all.

Well as usual I can't get a break on anything. In this video I update you on the status of the vent replacement, a problem I had with the 12 volt battery, what's happening with the BCM, and the a rant on the radio.

Well here it is. Honda's less than stellar response to FUBARing my Auto Hi-Beams with their BCM update.

This is a new and updated version of how to update the GPS maps in you Honda Insight.

In this video I try to better explain the function of the Auto Hi-Beams for those who are having trouble with them and how the new BCM update has caused some people to have issues with them.

Get a PDF of the Insight owners manual here:

Just an update on the BCM as I take my video evidence to Lee Honda In Auburn so they can study the Auto Brights problem.

Alright guys I think I finally have the definitive answer to the center vent rattle, what's going on, and how to get it fixed! I hope.ūüôĄ

I'm uploading this video to show how I fixed an occasional Moire problem I had with encoding some of my videos in Handbrake and what setting will fix the problem.

In this video I'm heading back from the Honda dealership after having the car's systems checked in regards to the Auto Bright's not working consistently since the BCM update.

In this video I tell you guys what it was like being an associate of Best Buy for 21 years, what's good and bad about Best Buy, and how I feel about being let go after 21 years.

In this video I discuss the timing of my fluid changes and an opposing opinion on at least one fluid exchange interval.

See the following video for information on how the Honda hybrid system works and what kind of "Mutant" transmission it has.

After leasing the Fusion Energi for 2 years I now discuss the things I really like about the car.

In this video I relay my experience with the 30,000 mile check up on my Insight along with an update on my Body Control Module update problems and the infamous center vent rattle.

In this video I go in for a 25,000 mile oil change and talk with the service manager concerning the rattling front vents. I also discuss the importance of getting your brake fluid changed every 2 years and the upcoming 30k transmission fluid change.

In this video I barely manage to show you how to remove and replace your battery in your Ford Fusion's FOB.

In this video I help better explain my video about what to expect from The Body Control Module recall update and the misunderstandings several of my viewers had because they didn't understand my stupid jokes.ūüėČ

In this video I'll tell you a story of an issue on my car that seemed to certainly be a hardware issue but was finally resolved with a factory reset.

In this video I show you an instance where the Auto-Brights fail to work unless you restart the car. This has now happened 2 nights in a row for me after the Body Control Module update recently released by Honda.

Here I tell you about my experience getting the BCM update and what to expect from the car afterwards.

In this video I go to the dealer to get the recent Body Control Module software update.


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