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Lyric Video for Sheep Hobo

Lyric Video for Lose Your Sheep

Just what can you do with your brainwashed sheep?

Lyric video of song : Cage
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Lyric video for song : Money

Lyric Video for Decarbonize

High in their evil lair
a scam they'd create to scare
sheep that they want to ensare
to dispose of them unaware

Scientists mainly study cash
sold a theory of pure trash
off to the bank they did dash
while evil sparked the climate clash

Decarbonize decarbonize
you're the carbon they'd excise
living's what they criminalize
as they're plotting your demise

Useful idiots start in schools
taught by such communist ghouls
creating an endless line of fools
World Economic Forum's tools

A retarded girl they did find
and exploited her weakened mind
The climate hoax they designed
is what this girl always whined

Come watch the stupid girl shout and scream
selling her insane global boiling dream
from-the world economic forum team
depopulation is their evil scheme

Now there's no power anywhere
Only for the billionaire
You had your chance & didn't care
Poverty comes for you unaware

Needles rained-down from high
and | you never thought to ask why
if the jabs don't cause you to die
then you'll fall for the climate lie

Lyric Video for : Next New Thing

Come little sheep, there is a new fad
something to fear that is just as bad
as previous hoaxes that turned you mad
obeying the crooks just makes you feel glad

And now the time draws near
the next new thing is here
with something new to fear
the sheep begin to cheer
... and cheer, and cheer and cheer

Dumb sheep demanding a new fear hoax
many are dropping from cardiac strokes
Scams keep flowing from the marketing folks
Only-fools believe such ridiculous jokes

The jabs have created the walking dead
as scams have become, so widespread
as long as they're all, being mislead
sheep will swallow whatever they're being fed

This is a lyric video of my song Doctors That Kill. The original song had
a small problem with the lyrics so it was redone. Instead of a static image
I have tried to do a simple lyric video which better represents the mood
of the song.

The Space Aliens will come to eradicate dumbness...

They came from space to stop the dumbness
menace from infecting the universe
The coNvid religion radiated a cloud of
dumbness threatening the entire galaxy

In outer space, it is a disgrace
Spreading dumbness about the place
At-a deadly pace, they're going to erase
exterminate all trace in every place

We will, search for dumb, and we'll
exterminate the scum...

Crimes of biomed, have become widespread
In gender they've misled, stupidity's inbred
The ships are overhead, from planets they have sped
The dumb ones they behead, to stop the disease spread

Sheep need a lesson on thinking.

It's hard to know quite where to start
Teaching sheep the thinking art
Believing the media ain't that smart
Those Nazi liars with evil hearts

This song is a lesson for sheep [wake up]
Whose brains are mostly a-sleep [wake up]
Disaster is what they will reap [wake up]
From the ignorant ways of the sheep

school has taught you to always comply
the government hates you & wants you to die
On doctors and cops you cannot rely
bodies to graves is what they supply

I'll tell you a secret my sheep
They want to bury you deep, (yes they do) my sheep
You need to tell them where to go (yes you do)
On climate and medical scam show
Repeat after me and say NO

Don't sell your freedom at any price
Give it once and they'll take it twice
Going with the herd won't end up nice
Thinking for yourself is the best advice

We will claim the term "anti vaxxer" and use it with pride. They will not
be able to use it as a shaming term........

They made up a name, and hoped it would bring us shame, but
We've lit freedom's flame and won't play their evil game

Anti-vaxxer, such wisdom shining through
Anti-Vaxxer, no sudden death for you

We-claimed the name with pride, which they hoped would divide
With | strength we all replied, that none of us have complied

The cult of the quackzine, is wicked and obscene
The truth we have forseen, a dead world where life had been

Ambulance sirens do greet the day
as heart attack victims are carted away
safe and effective they all did say
when death comes a calling it might be today

Waiting for my friends to die
They took a jab and I took a sigh and now I'm waiting for my sheep to die
T'was quite a jab and quite a sigh so now I'm waiting for my sheep to die

Modern day martyrs are crucified as quackzine needles are applied
on virtue signalling they all relied, so many succumbing to genocide

[Phone call]
It's a big insanity, when you play with pharmacy
jabbing needles endlessly, leads to a catastrophe

The ambulance sirens never stop, injected sheep continue to drop
with enlarged hearts waiting to pop, the jabbing profits are-at the top

When they go to bed they face the primal dread
that they've been mislead and soon will wind up dead

who'll be left to clean the mess, and bury those now in distress
the evil has wanted nothing less, but to kill all those who acquiesce

Churches that push muzzlings and jabbings are working for the Deceiver.

Sons and daughters of God, I find it particularly odd
why you worship a germ, and under a mask you squirm

Jesus never wore a mask, or used poison from the flask,
of the great deceiver
Jesus never used no jabs, from the evil labs,
of the great deceiver

Christians what will you do. when the saviour comes calling for you
forsake now your medical church, with all its deadly merch

To walk in the way of the Lord, is to wield the righteous sword
defending all gullible lambs, from the evil medical scams

There's a new fashion, they follow with passion
Drape some old rag on the face
To fear they're addicted, they love being restricted
to a quackzine they race

Virus masticators, doing what they're told
Virus masticators, love to be controlled

the medic profession has an obsession of, curing you to death
with money you sprays 'em, while you praise 'em, with your dying breath

Some of them dy'in, their hearts are try'in, not to be enlarged
But doctors don't care, they're a millionaire, and profits are recharged

They jizz their pants at the thought of romance, with a viral load
but show them it's fake, and they start to shake, soon they will explode

With each new restricton, and scary new fiction, they beg for more abuse
They cling to their masks, and the OCD tasks, their hysteria does induce

In olden times, they'd pay for crimes, like a genocide
now truth is lies, what corruption buys, and crooks get a free ride

Most are born ignorant not dumb
there's a choice to what you become
It takes much learning time in school
to create the compliant fool

And So the time has come (to ask)
do you like being dumb?
It might be demanded by some (but)
do you like being dumb?

parents blind-ly follow the rules
designed to create yet more fools
society has many tools
to make you want its valueless jewels

There's climate scam and convid hoax
you've joined the muzzled & jabbed folks
and you'll fall for the next big scam
you've failed the intelligence exam

Quackzine *4 I know that you want to murder me
Quackzine *4 poison with a deadly guarantee

The poison is beyond toxic guaranteed to make all sick
with profits that are just so obscene
The damage can be slow or quick, the marketing is very slick
and many don't survive the jab, quackzine

Quackzine *4 de-populating's what it's made to do
Quackzine *4 it's nothing but an evil witches brew

You can have your choice of sheep, but it's my life I'm going to keep
It's the only one I have, quackzine
Now I know just what to do, I need to stay away from you
and the evil that is coming through, quackzine

Quackzine *4 useless eaters are to be destroyed
Quackzine *4 quackzine, as the bioweapons are deployed

The Branch Convidians want an "amnesty" for all the atrocities they've done, most on social media are saying "no way"

They say the road to hell is paved
with good intentions, turned depraved
To coNvid religion the sheep have caved
by fake science they're now enslaved

Just like sheep to world-wide slaughter
they're all worshiping the holy water
draping some-old rag on their face
signalling virtue to lie's embrace

Truth is coming out, no amnesty
for those who acted psychotic-ly
No amnesty for coNvid crime
They need to pay, and do the time

The whole thing was wrong right at the start
but average sheep just ain't that smart
as willing Nazis they played their part
fake compassion hiding hateful heart

forgive & forget they pathetically say
for stealing all human rights away
lockdowns and bullets and pepper spray
for psychotic carnage they must pay

They got jabbed all self righteously
side-effects coming horribly
injecting children most brutally
a frenzy of evil insanity

they tried to kill those who don't agree
There's been no sincere apology
they must be stopped and permanently
to prevent any future atrocity

Illusions raging, and nothing is what it seems
In just a flash, in a moment of strife
In just a flash, time disappears in dreams
it's Nothing at all, yet they call it life

Man runs from peace, always thinking that life is war
He always repeats, just like it was before
Such silly things, just what is he fighting for
In just a flash, and his treasure's no more
Staying asleep, 'cause waking's too much a chore
In just a flash, sanity can restore

Zooming through time, centuries passing by at speed
Traveling a road, that's designed to mislead
you risk nothing, valuing release to be freed
In just a flash, it's possible succeed

Life is troubled, happiness is fleeting here
In just a flash, watch your joy disappear
In just a flash, unless you try to persevere
Escaping the dream, then your freedom is near
In just a flash, there goes all of your pain and fear
Escaping the world, to new lands that appear

The sheep have created a Nazi Dystopia:

You've lived a compliant life,
it's all been laid out, no strife
Not much thinking to do,
then the evil came looking for you

What a wonderful hell you've made, Going along with their charade
You've been completely played, What a wonderful hell you made

You gave up all freedom for lies,
the dumb sheep always complies
the warnings were there from the wise,
but its' truth you chose to despise

There's a price for the willfully thick,
to bend over and take the prick
You've flooded the world with sin,
from the Nazi's you invited in

When coNvid religion spread across the land
the sheep started playing with needles
thus begun the countdown to sheepocalypse

In the land of the sheep
many needles they keep
with vaccines they play
light the fuse and then pray

Behold the coming of the age of sheepocalypse
Behold the coming of the age of sheepocalypse

At the speed of science
they made their reliance
on gene therapy
injecting constantly

With the auto-immune
to make them all swoon
hearts soon to explode
on the injection road

take the jab
trust the science
safe and effective
fully tested
speed of science
for the common good
the settled shifting science
believe the experts
save grandma
lockdowns, curfews, masks, jabs, QR code works
social distancing
it's for your health
rubber bullets
tear gas
pepper spray
five mile radius
papers please
it could have been worse
the only way out of this
do it for the kids
vaccine passport
the super computer
you can't wait it out
warp speed development
all unvaxxed will die
vaccine herd immunity
the media never lies
politicians love you

Go to sleep little sheep, dream of virus and vaccine
take the test & confesss, everywhere you've been

Just ignore all the symptoms and side effects
and do what they tell you in the coNvid sects

go to sleep, little sheep, with the lies that they've told you
you'll be fab, with the jab every week or two

don't get mad, when you find, what they've squirted into you
just-book your date, in court, for a billion or two

go to sleep little sheep, may the vaccine surround you
heart attacks, immune lacks, from the witches brew

The Nazis really love you, just do as you're told
with the vaccine that will kill you, you'll never get old

Pictures of all dictators
lining his bedroom walls
in his grab for power
he hears their siren calls

Dictator Dan He's the man
to lock up evry one
he uses his thugs
the public are mugs
it's him that brought the bugs

good bye to all your freedoms
it's those that he has crushed
on some scammy pretext
all your rights are flushed

those with stockholm syndrome
feel safe under house arrest, by
malevolent dictator and
economy he did molest

not too many people
like taking it up the ass, his
comical press briefings, are
nothing more than farce

You always liked the TV, they tell you what to think
When it led you into hell, you did-not even blink

My darling sheep, why do you sleep
dreaming of, viruses and vaccines

They sold you such lies, promising you a prize, but
was just a disguise, for much-further compromise

So now here you lie, is this goodbye
all of our dreams, slowly watch them die

They came from hell with fear to sell, to people fast asleep
some business men asked them then, to sell vaccines to sheep

the media are evil, the media are lies
the media is virus, we need to neu-tral-ize

with evil intention their poison invention, sends sheep to the grave
with endless lies the media supplies, death comes to every slave

the pretty reporters are evil exporters, hired because they're dumb
they've sold their soul with no parole to dance to the devil's drum

the people demand, in court they'll stand, no leniency or hope
Like Nazis before, they'll see gallows door, swinging from a rope

Many desire to expire
In a hospital bed
the jabs require that you retire
the Nazis want you dead

There is a cold they have resold
just to fill you with fear
be controlled, do as you're told
the hospital bed waits near

Carditis, Carditis
Myo or peri, wishing you merry
Carditis, Carditis
Heart attacks booming, we are presuming

it's no strife, to wreck your life
in a medical scam
transplants are rife, under the knife
for sacrificial lamb

For common good, do as you should
injections make you a saint
effective and safe you understood, your
naivety is so quaint

To drop on the field with blood congealed
is every sportsman's dream
your fate is sealed as off you're wheeled
taking one for the team

Your eulogy will be something to see
the jabbing profits are high
they made you agree, it's volun-try
they never said you would die

So it came to pass that the Medical Nazis used a scam to seize power and to create their Fourth Reich. And the sheep cheered.

This song is a warning that the world is fast heading
towards repeating one of the greatest mistakes of history
It is happening NOW. Medical Nazis OUT!


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