٧ỹъΞmªیŧəЯى - ȡᴉѓϯєƴƴ {middle}


First published at 04:35 UTC on March 27th, 2018.

this is the first track produced partially using my new CPU. I am still in the process of fine tuning and mixing it. It is very hard to play all of the instruments, mix, produce, and create the visuals whilst getting it all proper first time around. Bear with me here, or simply press pause and move on. The total length of this is over 60 minutes; so I'll definitely be revisiting, and I'll try to cut what I can, and post the complete work. Most of what I do is just me jammin on guitar for a while then producing into something weird. The great thing about this CPU is that now I can actually go back to a finished track and re-record guitar, which I could previously never do, because my computer would be underrunning the whole time, which causes me to have to turn up the latencies: thus making playing guitar to a finished track impossible. I would basically have to use only my first, second, third guitar takes and I couldn't record any more... that has changed.

Now that I've got a better processor I'm going to try and make these a lot more flowy; but bear with me, because it takes time. If you think this is easy: go download FL studio buy a guitar, mic, keyboard, synths, music theory booklet, produce your own music for 7 years and then get back with me.


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