First published at 17:43 UTC on February 14th, 2018.

Track by PapaSomniferum Thank You. We beat em, we WON.

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Bowel Box

Because we eat boxes. How does that box taste my friend? How does it taste?
A little gamey but in a good way. I'll take you down and I'll lay it out.
Layin it out. He's gonna lay you out with truth of life. What is life? I'll tell you. It's a game for fun, it's a game to run and he's gonna lay it out.
Gonna lay it down. Eat your fuckin box, I'll eat the whole box.
Eat the whole box. He'll eat the everything. I'll eat the box with him. It'll be so fun yeah.
Together eating boxes with two mouths of power.
And it feels so good in my mouth. I love the taste. Hey man.
Why not swallow it down?
I just might do that my friend. I just might do that my friend.
He just might do that my friend. He just might do that my friend.
Mother fuckers.... Mother fuckers.
Yeah... Bringin it back.
Eatin the box one more time.
I love you box, i love to eat it with the D....D....D.... (no) It's drop D.
I'll drop the D, then I'll eat the B! whatever the B is. You can tell me what the B means to you. I'll eat it for you, and you can squirt.
I'll squirt in my gentle lion life. Gentle nice and fine and i don't give a dandelion man. I give it every time gently in. battalion (gently in) Gently In.
Gently in causing the squeezing of your tightness of the bowels of everything. When you lay it all out everything when you (i lay it out) fall out on everything. (I find) I fall out man I fall out. It's so loose in my caboose that i need to take my shoes. (take his shoe ah) Take my shoes and stick it up you and stick it up me and find some other way to be free.
Be Free.

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