FOR gROWn Folk Only.Listen up AMERICA- Let's Talk About PEACE!

Elegant Tools by SharonArt

First published at 03:30 UTC on June 13th, 2018.

FOR gROWn Folk Only.Listen up AMERICA- Let's Talk About PEACE!
Earth is an insane asylum run by the most insane inmates.

❤️Hello my Earth-suit name is Sharon, and I am... I have been, Invoking the Blessings of the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Tara, therefore I am The Goddess Tara… I am very spiritual on every level of my being, and I totally know that I am an infinite Spiritual Being having this human experience. I create one of kind..original..powerful enlightenment and metaphoric tools. You can shop ELEGANT TOOLS directly from my website and purchase my wands, dolls, books, and other energy related items and downloadable items. Personally, I do not resonate towards perfect or traditional art. I like to be creative and think outside the box. I always drew outside the lines and my art has always taken that direction. I would consider myself more of a surreal impressionistic artist I guess. I consider myself a creator of all things within me. I love original creativity in all areas of my life. Everything I create carry’s a vibrational energy field of love, peace and abundance to whomever may purchase them.
Everything is energy and these beautiful elegant tools are infused with universal grid energy. I have invoked the Goddess to help me create these beautiful and most powerful tools, altered Jars, Artdolls, books and other energy tools coming… I wanted to offer a very high vibrational energy tools..and beautiful creations. All my elegant designer energy wands are created with Laguna and casting resin for the highest quality and durability I could find to work with.Life is a continual exchange of energy....Enjoy the energy i share as i enjoy yours.

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