GTA - Minimal Skills - San Andreas - Air Raid - Zero mission 1

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First published at 12:07 UTC on February 13th, 2018.

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I had a few people complain that I should not allow CJ to run; doing so would increase Stamina too quickly, so now I make sure he walks more often instead of running.

Minimal Skills Challenge:

In this part I completed Air Raid. This video does not count toward the actual Minimal Skills Challenge. I included it separately from the other videos.

Here's a description of the Minimal Skills Challenge:
The purpose of this challenge is to keep any Skills and Stats to a minimum so that CJ is at the least advantage during the story missions, especially the later story missions when his Skills would normally be much higher.

What it's not:
1) It's not a 'Minimal Kill' challenge, but I won't be going out of my way to kill anyone, only when necessary or by accident, or when it's fun to do so.
2) It's not a 'speed-run'. I will take as long as I need to get this done.

Skills and Stats that will be will be kept to a minimum:
Here are the following Skills/Stats that I will try to keep to a bare minimum during this challenge.
1) All weapon skills: Pistol, Silenced Pistol, Desert Eagle, Shotgun, Saw-Off Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Machine Pistol, SMG, AK47, M4
2) Bullets Fired
3) Bullets that hit
4) Meals Eaten
5) Stamina
6) Total Respect
7) Lung Capacity
8) Sex Appeal
9) Muscle
10) Flying Skill
11) Bike Skill
12) Cycling Skill
13) Vehicle Resprays

None of the Asset Missions, Side Missions, Schools (except for Pilot School), or Unique Stunt Jumps will be completed until after all of the main story missions have been completed, if they're completed at all.

Skills/Stats that won't count toward this challenge, but still kept as minimal as poss..

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