Christian Nutjobs Hate Me (PeterSweden response)

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First published at 16:47 UTC on March 14th, 2018.

Looking over feedback I got for my PeterSweden video "Don't Swallow The Black Pill". Quite the bunch of colourful comments there.


Mikas Twitter can be found here:
Don't ask her for the pictures. lololol

*Here's a short version of the video* which only focuses on serious rebuttals to what Peter said, feel free to share:

.People keep asking me: "Don't you have more important topics to talk about than Peter Sweden? Like crime and SJW insanity destroying Sweden."

Yeah, that's why there's 170 videos on my channel about that already. I never said things are perfect in Sweden. In fact, I was one of few talking about our issues while they were still relatively unknown internationally:

The topic of alarmists is not a waste of time, because they make it harder for people to take honest critics seriously. Alarmism gives the social justice left ammunition to claim that ”the right” is creating false information to feed their own narrative. Essentially alarmists work as disinformation agents, making it harder for people to accept the REAL truth once it reaches them.

Put simply: Don't underestimate how much damage sloppy journalism can accomplish. I've been doing this work for a long time, and I'm not happy that someone is trying to make all of us look less credible.

Peter isn't even a journalist. He just links articles from our mainstream media on Twitter - the same media he keeps telling people not to trust - then he acts like he invented those news. He never set foot in any of the no-go zones he ”reports” about.

And before you call me alarmist, an alarmist wouldn't make videos like this:

Here's Peters video response:

Enjoy the video, and learn to take jokes for what they are. This is a comedy roast not meant to be taken serious..

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