How Did Clinton Become a Voodoo Priest?

- Nana Baakan
  • Aug 01, 2017
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Excerpt: "It is not uncommon for the Priests and Priestess of African Spirituality to be visited by Heads of State from all over the Globe in fact. They may be of all manner of other religious practices but they have heard or already know the power of the "rituals" that can be performed to help them win court cases, elections, positions of power in government, money, wealth, etc. Some of them come, Bibles and Qur'ans in hand to seek out the help and advice of these Priests. They may do it in secret under the cover of darkness, pay their respects, pay their money, have the rituals done for them and/or do them themselves, or whatever is asked of them. It is not uncommon, not at all. While they may not speak of it publicly or may even denounce it, secretly they are there and they are doing the "work" to get what they want accomplished in their lives professionally, economically, etc."
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