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First published at 02:59 UTC on January 18th, 2018.

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For some of you who haven't heard what's been going on with youtube lately

On the 17th of January 2018, youtube has changed their policy for the partnership program that if you are a small youtube content creator like myself your more than likely to receive an email from youtube regarding their new rules that you will not be eligible for monetization which will effect a lot of small content creators of getting no ad revenue if we don't reach third criteria which is utter Bullshit. You need to have 1000 subscribers and have 10,000 views with 4000 minutes of watch time to be eligible for monetization

This is all because of those pathetic worthless big content creators on YouTube like, Pewdiepie and Logan Paul.

Pewdiepie was the one who caused the adpocalypse and then stupidly made racist jokes and then months later he was more stupid enough to slip out the N Word on live stream.

As for Logan Paul he was also that stupid to film a real dead Corps hanging in the woods of the suicide forest in Japan and by him laughing at a dead person was very disrespectful, many people were angry and made videos and about Logan Paul's horrific video to the point that youtube took down people's videos regarding the issue and left Logan Paul's video up and Trending, Logan Paul then decided to remove his video because of backlash he received on both his YouTube channel and twitter page and then later made a public apology for his actions,

As I discovered the pattern with youtube shady tactics what they have done over the years, when ever thier big youtubers fuck up and breaking the rules of youtube's terms of service, the whole community of gets punished and it will take more effect to the small content creators,

And that just shows how much of Susan Wojcicki and the whole team behind youtube are a bunch hypocrites

Susan Wojcicki needs to step down from being a CEO of youtube because she survs..

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