RAW: 2 Hours Of Breaking Globalist Lying Bitches Begging To Be Broken: Want To Stop It? (May 18)


First published at 17:36 UTC on June 13th, 2018.

ManFoWars.com - January 2017 to June 2018 I consistently and openly filmed more people acting rude, lying or not admitting it, forcing others to see them look ugly, losing respect, making it hard to talk and zombieing around bothering strangers. People used to see one poor sketchy homeless person a month doing that. Now? It can be one normal person a second.

Nobody seems to be proud of or like it or they wouldn't have to force each other to put up with it, so:

1. Did artists like 2Pac, DMX, Jeezy, Coldplay, Kendrick and others deal with stuff like this in many ways so we can too?

2. I have on video over a million brainwashed lying bitches begging to be broken who like being ignored. So, is this a clue?

3. Kids now act the same and may not listen as well to parents who don't show or get respect. So, is this a good or bad idea?

4. 1999's "Fight Club" vs. "The Matrix" = "Men Respect Each Other Offline, Talk and Do Stuff" vs. "Only Do It Online Forever?"

5. For thousands of years confident masculine strength and feminine vulnerability helped most people feel happy. Still want it?

6. It's not people's fault, but if they can't respect each other and talk, then they can't handle whose fault it is or anything else well.

7. If offline all even smart people can do is try to force people to see them look ugly: online they can see how crazy it looks to stop it.

8. #FirstWorldProblems: The main problem is people won't let each other feel happy where they live. But, with almost nothing but self-respect? I can help.

9. Men used to laugh acting like rude ugly girls sexually harassing and jealously harassing guys, girls and kids. Now? More cry. So? Give 'em something else to do.

10. Many men will share ideas offline like "National Insecurity Is A National Security Issue!" to help people stop acting stupid, feeling sorry for themselves and trying to get respect for it.

My evidence shows it's still "technically" possible to be a polite, patriotic Canadian who shows and gets or just keeps self-respect to avoid losing theirs or taking anyone else's. So, I'm asking people: Is more or less better? Will people pay to see more polite patriots help everyone relax and communicate well? Win the offline info war? Pay ME to help?

Keeping self-respect and making money is harder when many people now won't like you unless they can force you to see them look ugly so we don't respect each other and bother strangers instead. This is why I switched from social white collar work to isolated blue collar work. Plus, I can only prove I can help. I need help from others to actually help.

I also have years of music about how people were nice to each other. It may seem old fashioned, but if people want "It's nice to meet you!" to be normal again maybe not. Other artists, intellectuals, journalists and religious figures we like can help, plus 85% of Canadians liked the GO Transit "Better Etiquette" poster campaign and stuff like it can work anywhere.

And, ignoring people acting rude puts you in a good mood and many of them like it too. Why? It's the closest many get to "respect", like poor crazy homeless people at a coffee shop who enjoy being ignored trying to bother people, among others.

So, and this offer applies to people worldwide, you can say:

1. Yes, you can probably help. So, here's some dollars, euros, cryptos, etc. Even if we don't agree with everything like no one does, you may help me, my family, kids, friends and others relax, feel and communicate better.

Please Contact: Black Krishna (BK), 647-781-1580, [email protected]

Direct Deposit Donations: TD Bank, Transit No: 30582, Institution No: 004, Account No: 6062898

2. No, regardless of what you did there's nothing you can do. Or, maybe we'll look at it later.

I'm not smart enough to argue with the smartest people in Canada or stupid enough to. I don't want to get in anyone's face about the importance of being a polite, patriotic Canadian. I don't want anyone in mine about being rude, lying, un-Canadian trash. So, this was my simple problem, reaction and solution I or others can build on based on interest.

Summer 2018 on if I'm paid well I'll work as an artist, activist, journalist and businessman promoting polite patriotism so most people can look, walk, talk and feel great and handle national issues vs. globalism. Or, do something else.

It may take months or years to fix this, but if people want to we can. I can help get the balls rolling and eggs cited, or help with bigger balls and unscrambled eggs and more. Please get in touch with questions and thanks for your time.


Black Krishna
[email protected]


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