LORDS OF THE NUKES. Best (and longest) video looking into nuclear weapons and nuclear power.


First published at 21:26 UTC on December 11th, 2017.

3 1/2 hours. If you could sit through Lord of the Rings, watch this. Three voices: Canadian host, Rerevisionist as first expert voice on the nuclear issue, FirstClassSkeptic joining later. www.nukelies.org has one year's forum, providing detailed background.

Covers all the scares, frauds, lies and terror since 1945. And explains why it all happened, and who benefited. Has FILM CLIPS, NEWSREELS, DRAWINGS, IMAGES, BOOKS, LIES AND OFFICIAL PROPAGANDA, ACTORS, NEWSPAPER ARTICLES, REPORTS, 'SCIENCE', WARTIME INFORMATION, MANUFACTURED SCARES AND EVENTS, aimed at you, the populace. PLEASE if you've puzzled over crises, alarms, threats ... FIND OUT HOW JEW LIES pretended to imperil the planet, while of course coining money and supporting world-wide taxes and ruin. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND FIND THE TRUTH. IT MAY, AND SHOULD, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Hiroshima, WW2 (Second Jewish 20th century war), Cuba Crisis, H-bombs, atom spies and executions, Jewish media control, 'neutron bombs', 'mini-nukes', test sites, banking and loans, global cooling, missiles, popular 'culture'.
nukelies.org is the forum on which most of the evidence in based. As long ago as 2012. Beware of inferior videos which hide the core issues.
Thanks to Bitchute for allowing me to upload my long video. I honestly hope this will enlighten people. At present, there's a worldwide fraud, trying to delete north Korea; it's unlikely to work with a fairly skeptical public - I hope. Note that China, Japan, and most of Asia have not allowed this video to be watched

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