Soros: EU should spend €30 billion a year for African Marshall Plan, funded through debt

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First published at 17:18 UTC on June 4th, 2018.

Soros: EU should spend €30 billion a year for African Marshall Plan, funded through debt
Delivering the Keynote speech at ECFR's Annual Council Meeting in Paris 29 May, 2018 is George Soros. Soros is a council member in the European Council on Foreign Relations and wants the EU to spend €30 billion a year on what he describes as a Marshall Plan to solve Africa's problems. He wants this to be funded by the EU borrowing money.

Soros believes closing Europe's borders to "political refugees" and "economic migrants" violates international and European law "and in any case is totally unrealistic".

While Soros says he wants the allocation of refugees within Europe should be entirely voluntary, he contradicts himself by also saying he wants the EU to have a united migration policy as when each member state has its own policy, "it is often at odds with other member states".

He also wants to repeal the Dublin regulations which stipulate that anyone claiming asylum must do so in the first safe country they reach and

He explains that his marshall plan idea would involve giving substantial assistance to "democratically inclined regimes". He says this would enable them to promote education and employment to their citizens and so they would be less likely to leave and would not qualify as refugees.

At the same time, he wants EU countries to then welcome migrants from these and other countries "to meet their economic needs in an orderly process".

He suggest that his plan would cost €30 billion a year to fund and he believes the EU should borrow the money to fund it.

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