021 YGO! DM HK DVD - [CFF872EC]


First published at 08:16 UTC on May 15th, 2018.

Episode 21, ‘Black Devil Dragon’

Joey Summons "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and Yugi activates "Polymerization" to form "Black Skull Dragon" by fusing "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" with "Summoned Skull. This monster helps them win the duel even with the no-flying zone rule mentioned by the brothers.

Yugi and Joey now have 10 Star Chips each. However, they must still choose one of the brothers' doors, and Yugi still does not trust either brother. He has correctly guessed that the brothers can alter the real-life labyrinth, ensuring that whichever door their enemies choose does not lead to freedom.

However, Yugi does not mention this realization right away. He holds up two coins, each of which bears the emblem of Para or of Dox. He holds them in his fists, saying he will open one hand, and the concealed coin will be the chosen door. He opens one hand, and when the brothers see the Dox mark, they accept his apparent selection of the Para door. Then they smile and reveal that the Dox door was correct all along. At this point, Yugi reveals their secret, and he opens his other hand, showing the Dox coin. The first coin had been marked with one emblem on each side. Because the brothers fell into their own trap - a hand that can tell lies - the friends are free.

Down in Pegasus's dungeon, Seto Kaiba finds Mokuba, but is soon confronted by Pegasus, who uses his Millennium Eye to lock Mokuba's soul in a card. He tells Kaiba that if he wants to see Mokuba again, he must defeat Yugi.

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