Report #56: Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower Reports Massive Crime by FBI

Ramola D Reports

First published at 02:51 UTC on March 26th, 2018.

Pl. Note: We had major audio issues via necessity of phone use, please adjust volume controls. But external clicks and rustling were added into the audio file/not evident on the phone call/courtesy FBI no doubt.

Geral Sosbee, former Special Agent of the FBI, attorney and judge, Vietnam war veteran speaks openly about his experience of targeting by the FBI, the pervasive nature of FBI corruption and crime he has since encountered, and the ways in which the FBI is running illegal programs of surveillance and torture on citizens here in the USA and worldwide.

As many know by now, these programs involve the use of electromagnetic, sonic, radar, scalar, and other exotic weapons such as nanotech and neurotech and biochemical weapons on "targets" -- usage never publicly disclosed nor approved--and the ways in which they are used are widely being reported as barbaric and inhumane, as targets report torture, brutality, sadism, and violence, including death, being executed on their bodies and brains.

Mr. Sosbee also shares his thoughts on how he sees the FBI running DOJ instead of the other way around, the part NSA and CIA play, and how an illegiitimate police state has thereby been installed in the USA and also is being rolled out worldwide.

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