How does your garden grow part 4


First published at 17:44 UTC on February 24th, 2018.

Saturday 24 April 2018, a nice day today with a very cool Easterly wind coming off of Siberia, so maybe a flurry of snow and winter will work its way towards the Gulf Stream on which we reside, but all in all a very nice day with plenty of Yorkshire sunshine
The soil preperation time has come around once again and we are about half way done with the digging and seiving, the soil still remains cool but when it reaches the magic 42 degree mark winter will leave go, the grass will begin to grow and spring will be born once again.
Cover picture was taken at the end of January in our garden showing the Winter Aconites breaking through the last snows of winter, nature really has got things right, maybe one day mankind will also do the same, well one day maybe.
There are today many people encoraging folks to get out and into nature and learn from its natural language which is fine, however, society as a whole has been funnelled into a paticular direction when they could have gone a thousand different ways to the montheist state of steered monopoly, but to do this we might help each other, to r-ethink our way forward.

The very best way to do this is to help each other to re-skill from the ground upwards, because trying to survive without at least the bare minumum of real life skills and going "off grid", is a journey hard travelled especially without huge sums in the bank, yet with the right minds working together for a common need, I say need, because those who want tend never to get what they desire, but much can be gained with very little, here we are living proof of this concept, as we will eventually share in the future. where every ounce of personal dint wins through every time, and the slave being ask to do our well being will themselves be able to do the same, but it all takes time in this ever quickening world and all there is science.

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