Shocking Revelations: Ronald Bernard Elite Bank Whistleblower on Child Sacrifice

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  • Aug 28, 2017
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English Audio - Original interview in Dutch with English Subtitles

"I have seen worldwide what has happened! People need to know about the financial system. No one is talking about the children. World STAND UP!" - Ronald Bernard

This is shocking interview #3 with Dutch high finance/banking insider Ronald Bernard, who fully discloses the deep workings of the financial elite who control the world and wars, for profit, gain and control. The interview is in English audio, original interview in Dutch with English subtitles. Mr. Bernard is now a social entrepreneu, helping to change the world for good as a result of what he experienced and learned.

Interview #1 (Dutch with English Subs)
Interview #2 (Dutch with English Subs)

Ronald Bernhard - United People Foundation

Dutch banker Ronald Bernard exposes the elite. Translated by Vigilant Citizen.
A 'DVM-TV' video production. DVM-TV is part of Coöperatie De Vrije Media u.a.

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