Speaking Truth to Power part one

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First published at 14:42 UTC on July 13th, 2017.

Published on 2 Jul 2015

Speaking Truth to Power--- Script No. 1
Is it Fair? Land
Part 1
Hello. Fancy seeing you here! This isn't your usual haunt, is it?
Long pause....
People like me don't often get to talk to people like you – too many gatekeepers. Do you mind if I ask you something?
Another long pause....
I mean.... Is it fair? That the fruits of land and resources only go to you? After all, your ancestors stole the land by conquest and through the enclosures acts.
Another long pause....
Did you know? …. Before Henry VIII confiscated the monasteries in the 1500s, 100% of the surplus from the land was available to the public purse. By the early 19th century that share had fallen to less than 4%. Who knows how little is collected from land today but it's a minuscule fraction of what's available.
Can you imagine how much revenue would be available to run public services and provide everyone with an Unconditional Citizens Dividend if this stolen revenue was shared?
But instead of sharing this value among everyone, you've collected it for yourself! That's why I ask, do you think its fair?
Another long pause....
Of course it's “legal” but over the years your family have controlled the political, economic, academic and legal institutions to “legalise” and protect your ownership...... and you've ended up with even more land and resources. Is that fair?
But you didn't stop at land and resources. Over recent years, yet more and more commons have been bought (or stolen more like) on the cheap by your corporations. The TV and radio spectrum, patents on genes, seeds, diseases.... you've even privatised knowledge! Knowledge which you didn't create but has been created by all people who've ever lived on this planet. I ask you. How can that be fair?

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