1240 Podcast EP036 - North Korean Booygeymen, The Rice Experiment and Dangerous Danger-Wanks

1240 Hangover Cure Podcast

First published at 01:55 UTC on January 14th, 2018.

Drag yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning listening to ill-informed patter from Rodders and Harv.

Today we discuss the fake news propaganda surrounding "those crazy North Koreans", look at the voracity of the "rice experiment" and the power of conscious intention, and chew the fat about Ozzieman Review's purposed "most dangerous of dangerwanks". Because apparently that's a thing...

We hope you enjoy the podcast and leave us nice positive comments so we won't turn bright orange and rot like hated rice.

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Truthstream: The Power of Intentions https://youtu.be/D1sWVjXhKfg
Two Aussies go to North Korea for a haircut https://youtu.be/JNVCdL908ko
Russia story is STILL bullshit: https://youtu.be/pIm9zNItYq8?t=151
Betrayed by Incognito? http://www.ozzyman.com/google-sends-you-this-cheeky-message-if-youve-been-watching-too-much-porn-on-the-sly/


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