Alien Bodies Discovered Near Nazca Lines, Peru - Humanity's Choice Point as Cosmic Adults

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First published at 12:49 UTC on July 8th, 2017.

Investigative Journalist Jaime Maussan (Mexico) reveals an astonishing new discovery of alien bodies (they technically are NOT mummies, as the bodies still have their organs) discovered near Nazca Lines, Peru in 2015 (preliminary DNA analysis indicates circa 245-410AD).

"All the values in the world have to change, the history has to be re-written. To consider [they] have been with us... this is going to obligate us, to become 'cosmic adults.' We behave very irresponsible regarding earth. We take everything for us, we kill animals, we destroy the environment, we do whatever we want as an adolescent who doesn't know, who isn't mature. At this moment, when we know that they are there, probably looking at us right now, this could be a very good opportunity to change the direction of the world, at this moment." ~Jaime Maussan

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