Digimon Tamers Ep 1 (Asia English Dub)


First published at 19:01 UTC on February 7th, 2018.

The Birth Of A Digimon, The Digimon I Thought Of

While a mysterious, naive Digimon called Calumon bio-emerges (appears) in the Real World, a boy named Takato Matsuki finds a mysterious blue card. After swiping it through his card reader, it is converted into a Digivice. One things leads to another and he ends up swiping his drawings for a Digimon called Guilmon, creating a digi-egg. After a strange dream involving a Digimon Tamer and her Renamon defeating a Lynxmon, and his friends Kazu Shioda and Kenta Kitagawa dismissing his claims, the egg hatches. He tracks down his Digimon, Guilmon, but it looks like the dinosaur instead plans to attack him!

CategoryAnime & Animation
SensitivityNormal - Content that is suitable for ages 13+