• Jul 14, 2017
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Citizens Dividend Cocktail and discussion about sharing the wealth of the planet in the form of a Citizens Dividend. Brief presentations on the Commons, Usury, Arts and Culture in the context of a Citizens Dividend will be followed by discussion, in the round, of the three presentations. People often refer to Basic Income; the House of Commons discussion referred to an amount of £70 per week per adult - this is hardly the means to life. A Citizens Dividend from the wealth of the planet could provide the means to shelter, clothe and feed everyone, debt free without increasing income, sales or employment taxes; indeed they could even be reduced.


Global Net 21 http://www.meetup.com/GlobalNet21/

Henningham Family Press
The Maximum Wage http://henninghamfamilypress.co.uk/blog/category/collaborations/eddie-farrell/

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