PROCESS & Path to the Kingdom (Pt 4); "SERVE"

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First published at 15:17 UTC on June 10th, 2018.

In this final video in the series, I discuss the third element (B.O.S.) requisite of eternal life/salvation, and/or entering unto the Kingdom: SERVE. In my understanding, to serve is to apply that which one believes and in obedience, doing good works, or producing good FRUIT. Much is said of these such fruits in scripture, and I show examples in the discourse contained herein...

One should not dismiss the importance of producing good deeds, or 'fruit'. Scriptures show that those WITHOUT good fruit will not enter into the rest, but be cut down and placed in the FIRE...A good SEED in good SOIL, or ground, will produce good FRUIT, and hence the converse, as described. Understand that blessings, curses and one's 'place' in the Kingdom will depend on one's fruit, or 'works'. Furthermore, according to multiple scriptures, one is judged "according to their works". These include a spectrum of thoughts, words and deeds, as I understand it.

As discussed, however, such fruits do not assure or qualify one for salvation; *it is but one aspect or requisite that naturally proceeds from the faith and obedience components*. I.e., Good fruits are the inevitable PRODUCT of the faithful works no man is 'saved'. On the other hand, NO works or fruit, or 'bad' works or fruit will temp the axe and fire scenario...(yikes!)

In the latter portion of the video, I try to provide a summary of all that was covered, and my understanding of the processes and such that are involved in redemption, sanctification, &/or salvation itself. I hope that it might prepare one and provide an understanding to one seeking to claim the prize...

There are many components involved, in my understanding; it isn't simple and it isn't necessarily instantaneous or lasting, if one doesn't remain faithful and involved in the PROCESS OF refinement. Sin is BOTH within & without, and everyone must OVERCOME IT.

The process IS ONGOING, UNTIL THE END--THE END OF THE 'RACE'. Along the way, one undergoes trial, afflictions and refining by fire and tribulations. It isn't so easy that all who start down the path will 'win', or succeed.

Many are called, but few chosen...

I pray that these videos are, have been, or will be an asset and a blessing to any and all who view them, as it has been for me to put them together. May all viewers, liseners &/or readers gain a blessing of understanding, clarity and a call to act, of, by & through the Spirit of the Most High, Yahuah. Amein.
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