How Not to Brony 9



First published at 01:03 UTC on December 08th, 2017.

BriLizy T Is a super cool person I have nothing against her or her breasts.
I'm assuming its still okay to pick on MA larson.
Dear Sheldon please keep pasta working. I left that 2 hour video up for full retention just on principle.
Dear cartoonz. does axe body spray have a cheato scent edition?
Dear AJ you have no idea how sick everyone was of your nonsense before your editor flub. That was just a convenient last straw.

Toon Kritic y2k
LIly sheen, aka kitty, aka molestia, aka astroboysgf
Riion Rhino Mills
These games are for two players. (Short Response to Mandy Chan)
The Worst 'Reviewers' Attempt To Review "Amending Fences" - (Commentary/Critique)
IRish john
the nice man who bullied my gf arm wrestling
He was really cool at brony con.
Dear Doties pope
For the purposes of fair use for the video you rehosted,
you had to do something that make the work trans formative you lazy cunt.
Would could have been as simple as putting some audio through out the video like a commentary
Instead you just rehosted the fucking thing.
Also no matter how disgusting Sarah Butts is,
no, No one should trust 8 chan.

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