Building A New Deck

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First published at 12:21 UTC on April 13th, 2018.

When we bought our home there was an unresolved water issue behind the garage causing the walls to rot.
I removed an addition built on to the back of the garage, dug a 100 foot trench and installed a drain to solve the water issue.

This meant we had a lot of reclaimed wood, so we built a deck.

That was a few years ago. The reclaimed wood was not pressure treated and has since rotted, and the deck is no longer safe. So today we're building a new one!

Candy was excited and said she would help, so, I went to the hardware store late in the day and purchased some lumber knowing I would have a helper.
The first order of business was to remove all our winter sowing jugs off of the deck. This took just a few minutes, so we removed the old deck to make getting started in the morning a breeze!

Here you can see the 4X4 structure the deck will sit on.

Once we gathered all the tools we would need, we marked a front and rear bearer to fit the existing 4 x 4 structure we are building this on. These were then both set at the house side of the deck. Next, we laid out the stringers and marked each one. Because the 4 x 4 structure this will be sitting on is not square, this seemed like the fastest way to put this together.
Next, we cut all the stringers. Then, we moved one bearer to the front and once each stringer was lined up with the measurements marked on the bearer we screwed them into place.

Here we used the scrap ends cut off the stringers to support the structure while it was turned around. Once turned around, the rear bearer was attached just like the front one and the deck was turned around for a perfect fit.

Next we laid out the deck boards. Once cut and fitted, all we had left to do was screw them down.

This entire project took only a few hours of work, but will provide many of hours of relaxation!

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