RAW: Showing Why People Need To Relax and Respect or Nervously Fall Apart and Die (11)

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  • Nov 15, 2017
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Free public domain evidence everyone can see, use and share about about things everyone can see and agree are happening in front of their eyes just like the weather and discuss what to do about. Right? Great.

Filmed while happily ignoring people acting rude which puts people in a good mood and working on music to help stop it around 3 pm on Monday, November 13, 2017 two blocks east of Spadina Avenue on the north side of King Street West downtown in Toronto, Canada.

Inspired in-part by Kendrick Lamar's song "ELEMENT" from his new "DAMN" album, both of which are pretty damn good. Wild eh?

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Gender Responsible Nationalism: Promote being polite ladies and gents who insist and teach kids offline, respect and communicate better and beat globalism. You don't have to be straight, but you have to be straight up, or you'll mess someone up who'll mess someone up.

Globalists seem to be turning people into lying b-tchy sketchy pretend girlfriends who get worked up and bother each other too much to relax, respect, be near, look at or talk to each other. So, instead many start to wander around like zombies bothering strangers.

Many also seem like lying b-tches begging to be broken acting stupid in public trying to force others to see them get worked up for no reason who like feeling embarrassed while being ignored. Let's all stop this from getting worse and affecting kids.

Globalists may do this to create more Antifa commie-zombie protesters who mindlessly attack people and destroy things. Or let radical migrants rape Western cucks. Or turn insecure adults into pedophiles and kids into pedo-food.

Nationalists can help people can talk offline about the online info war to take action to stop this.

Posters worked for thousands of years and still do as the successful 2016 "GO Transit Better Etiquette" campaign in Toronto proved and can work anywhere. People can try many ways to take action, get in touch and donate. Thanks and good luck.


Better behaviour on GO transit after etiquette campaign

Gilbert Ngabo . Metro . Oct 04 2016

Looks like Metrolinx’s message on manners is getting through. Six months after launching its online etiquette campaign targeting customers who display inappropriate behaviour while on GO trains and buses, the transit corporation says etiquette fails are down across the board.


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