Anti-Scientology - Scientology uses "Mental Health"


First published at 05:41 UTC on June 5th, 2018.

Scientology uses "Mental Health" and psychology to brainwash their victims. Although claiming to be "anti-psychiatry," Ron Hubbard calls people "insane" and uses Freudian-like psychoanalysis. Dianetics is a "mental health" book.

By focusing on so-called "trauma" during their auditing/counseling/interrogation sessions, they spotlight the negative and more easily control their victims. The E-meter uses electricity. Electroshock uses electricity as well, though on a higher level. "Clear" sounds similar to "hygiene" in "mental hygiene."

EPVP is Anti-Scientology. Be against "mental health" and "mental hygiene." Free yourself from internalizing psych!

Focus on strengths, not weaknesses.

- From the film "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" (2015). Used for educational purposes.

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