Alias Grace 1x1 - Asylum Torture & Head Machine - Worse than Jail


First published at 06:53 UTC on January 16th, 2018.

Grace Marks remembers asylum/psych ward torture after her murder trial. A psychiatrist evaluates her in jail, and she says she cannot go back to the asylum. She would rather be in jail, than in a behavioral hospital. From Alias Grace, the miniseries, Episode 1 "Part 1."

- A head contraption, is put on her head, and see sees the man's steel utensils, causing her to scream and run from the machine.

- She recalls how anything she used in court or the asylum would be twisted against her, even if it was the truth.

Today, people still scream and get restrained in psych wards. There are restraining chairs, still. There's still solitary confinement. The seclusion, however, is not in a coffin.

One of our interviewees was able to speak from prison with a 'smuggled' cell phone, and he would rather be in prison than in the indefinite psych ward. #HumanRights

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