Democrats gave Trump unlimited mass surveillance 'cause #resistance | FISA Section 702 explained

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First published at 01:57 UTC on January 17th, 2018.

Democrats could have prevented the extension of the Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that grants the US Government warrantless mass surveillance over the American people. Instead they decided to give Donald Trump unlimited powers, while comparing him to Stalin and calling him a treasonous Putin's despotic puppet.

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The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, also known as FISA is an act that was supposed to put reasonable barriers on the US intelligence community. However, since the Section 702 came to place under Bush in 2008, spying agencies like the National Security Agency, together with the law enforcement, continue to abuse this act to routinely violate the 4th amendment rights of American citizens.

Everything gets collected by the NSA programs before anybody can even ask whether they should. Everything gets collected through various programs.
Prism partners with the tech giants to grant NSA direct access to their databases. The Section 702 then allows for the bulk collection of Internet traffic that they didn’t get from Prism partnerships.
If this doesn’t satisfy their collection fetish the NSA uses the
Even when you talk to your friends over the Internet who live right across the street, your Internet traffic channels around the world before it reaches your contact. In the eyes of the NSA creeps this makes it a foreign communication.

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