Daily Drive - Hollywood Sex Scandal Opinion - AND - Mall of America Stabbings (RE-UPLOAD)

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  • Nov 15, 2017
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NOTE: REUPLOADED due to video not rotated correctly. My apologies!

Hi all. This is my first video driving to work. It's very loose in its delivery, and I hope the delivery gets better in the long run. Until then, then topics are below:

TOPIC 1: The Hollywood Sexual Assault Scandals / Political Sexual Assault Scandals - We have so many people that have accused many Hollywood A-Listers and Politicians (so close to their elections, mind you: coincidence?). People like George Takei, Ben Affleck, Harvey Weinstein, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Jeff Hoover, Brett Ratner, Andy Dick, Ken Baker, etc. It's a huge trend that makes people bring out the stupid in themselves by accepting ACCUSATION as FACT. People are already taking sides in these allegations when no/little evidence/hearsay, which brings out the idiot. I rant a bit about it.

I then shift focus to yesterday's Mall of America / Macy's knife attack by Mahad Abdirahaman. He stabbed two individuals in an attempt to steal items. You probably won't hear too much about this incident (nor [stupid] calls for regulation on knives - kinda like we never hear them for trucks, LOL)!

Either way, this is my first vid. Apologies for the 'umm, ummm, ummms' - I promise to get better as I keep doing these. Peace out!