Illustrated guide! Healing & preventing Muscle Strains & injury Part 2


First published at 20:28 UTC on April 5th, 2018.

Part 2 of the muscle strain video!

Power Yoga for Athletes (great book!):

Natural State Vitamin C:

Apple Cider Vinegar:


B Complex with lots of b5:

Heat lamp bulb:

Clamp light (goes with the bulb above, these two together is what I use):

Autospa car buffer (my mechanical massager. Use at your own risk...although I've never had a problem):
Have you ever had, or do you currently have muscle or joint pain because you pushed your training just a little too much? Well then welcome to the club, the journey to movement mastery requires us to step outside comfort zones on a routine basis, minor injury is simply a part of this game. Yet suffer not, your about to embark on a recap of lessons learned from a senior member of the “pushed my training just a little too hard club”. So sit back o lover of movement, and learn of ancient secret teachings uncovered in dusty chalk filled gyms, and a thousand outdoor adventures. And be troubled by injury no more

This is part 1 of a two part illustrated video about healing and preventing muscle strains, injuries and tendinitis. Join me on my journey discovering different methods used in combat sports, martial arts, weightlifting, physical therapy, professional sports, and yoga.

Topics include foam rolling, trigger point therapy, self massage, stretching, muscle balance, nutrition, supplementation, natural instincts and more.

Healing techniques are essential for any athlete, gym goer, or movement lover. Having a tool belt full of options ensures your ability to continue the activities you love the most.

In this second video I talk a lot about natural healing instincts, yoga for healing, infrared light and supplements.

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