٧ỹъΞmªیŧəЯى - ȡᴉѓϯєƴƴ {ending}


First published at 04:23 UTC on March 27th, 2018.

this is the first track produced partially with my new CPU. It's roughly finished in several parts. A very long track {~60 minutes} with lots of guitar work, need to produce it a bit more, but I wanted to render several sections of it. I might try and finish it this weekend or perhaps move onto some other tracks. I work a day job and also am still working on getting the bitchute mobile apps going so it's hard to find time for art but I try my best. This section is bordering on deep house. I play all of the instruments; plus do all the producing, mixing, and design the visuals: which makes it difficult to get these perfect first time around.

Now that I've got a wayyyy better CPU: I plan on remixing a lot of my older works, since I can now mix without underruns. Hopefully you enjoi this; if not, there's an X!

soundcloud.com/vybemasterz {for uncompressed .wav files}

twitter @vybeypantelonez
minds @hexagod

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