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First published at 01:18 UTC on December 08th, 2017.

TheLightBad96 here with Episode 20 Of My Playthrough with the Doom Mod Arachnocide - Weapons Only with the 50 Monsters Megawad.
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In this Episode it would seem that I am now near the location where that glow is coming from however I need to blast my way through 2 places "includes this one" in order to reach the glowing area to investigate the causes of it. Enjoy

Notes- I had to MDK that spiderdemon at the start because It would have killed me instantly at the start, I don't know if it was supposed to teleport some where else when aggroed but it did not and I tried multiple times to kill this thing and it always killed be within 2 seconds. It could be a mod conflict or something but it could have ended the run right here had I not known what to do.

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ID software - for Doom 1 and 2
GAA1992 - For Creating Arachnocide
Yholl - For Creating Doom RougeLike Arsenal

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