How was Marijuana Criminalized? Prohibition History Pt 1


First published at 16:25 UTC on June 8th, 2018.

Why is Cannabis illegal? How did weed become illegal in almost every country in the world so suddenly? What is the history of pot prohibition & when did it start? Who were the key historical personas? Lots of people don’t bother asking these questions because they assume that the story isn’t interesting…but it is! And when you understand the history of a law you can understand whether that law is just or unjust. Today on Lex’s World I go over the first part of Cannabis Prohibition history; William Randolph Hearst and his attack on Industrial Hemp…Hearst chose to attack the Hemp industry by targeting one particular brand of the Cannabis plant: the type that’s psychoactive and high in THC. Tune in for part II when I go over Harry Anslinger and how he contributed to prohibition, following up on Hearst’s work.

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