First published at 17:40 UTC on April 12th, 2018.

Been an athlete a LONG time. When I have had the rare week or two off from exercise (injury a few times), my first work out after a layoff is forced aimlessness. For example, rather than a SPIN class with 40% of two hours in Zone 4 or Zone 5 for my HR, I just putter around, and get a sense for how much fitness/vitality, has been lost.

We are all dying my friends. The powers that rule us, that we revile, easily hold sway over the dominion and minions of The Earth. I refuse to be Nihilist, but I am also a being of Reason, enamored with the Empirical. Not 100%, there is something underlying this whole thing.

Ever been in a spot where you should (not just could) have died? Climbing a sheer mountain face? One hand grabs, clutches, and slips? How good did you feel, as you crested the face of the cliff, an hour later. How alive?

My life is in severe peril. I feel fine...

Been singing a LOT of Bob Dylan tunes, in my mind. Can't play them here, but if I could, they would convey more than I ever could. Had a great friend in Grad School. He was a machine, a being of great cerebral horsepower. He once looked at me, and asked me what I thought constituted "genius?" I likely said all the tired platitudes. He laughed. "No asshole, genius, is the ability to appreciate genius." That was 36 years ago, and that fucking tautology still annoys me. :-)

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