Human Design: How Long Should A Defined Solar Plexus Wait?


First published at 03:36 UTC on April 17th, 2018.

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With the 59/6 Channel, the sense of "entrapment" can also be the other way around, that is, the other person in the relationship can start to feel smothered by the 59/6s emotional energy, as if they are being slowly suffocated or swallowed by something. The thing is, this channel is a big definer of any relationship it finds itself in. And it requires some "redefining of boundaries" by the one who is intimate with it. If you want to take intimacy to the next level with this channel, you must be will to merge on deeper and deeper levels without needing to run away. There can be great reward by not running from this channel's boundary busting dynamics, whether you're the one with the channel or in a relationship with someone who has it.

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