Why The Mississauga Ribfest and Montreal Just For Laughs Festival Suck

Kevin J. Johnston

First published at 17:41 UTC on August 9th, 2017.

In my hometown of Mississauga, we have a very bizarre-looking City Hall that can only be described as a prison when looking at it from the road. Each and every brick in the building was soaked in urine for six years before it was placed on the facade of the hall and all of the window frames within it were purchase discount from some American prison somewhere in the Midwest.

It would appear also that there was a discounted rate on green paint the day the windows were installed and somehow the paint cans were not only purchased but emptied onto every pane of glass prior to them being fitted in place.

The architect was a fool and had really stupid ideas when he put this thing together but either way, recently there has been a push to make Mississauga City Hall a bit more palatable to the General Public.

There are a large stage and an even larger amount of artificial turf surrounded by a number of odd Arch like structures that make you feel like the walls are closing in.

Our local Rotary Club has chosen to have their fundraising RibFest in this area but not only did the walls already feel like they're closing in because of bad architecture but also because 12-foot High steel cages are bolted together surrounding the artificial turf field and guaranteeing that nobody can get in or out while the RibFest is taking place.

Prison Courtyards do not feel this closed-in or stifling and while every city holds their RibFest in wide open fields, parks or beaches, Mississauga continues to build upon the prison theme which many people are beginning to steer clear of every year.

There were numerous Muslims who filed complaints about two things to do with RibFest and that is: The RibFest did not allow for them to use the free splash pad that is open the other 362 days per year and that there were cartoon pigs surrounding the downtown structure. Naturally, the politician who watches over that Ward actually took these complaints seriously.

It has been pointed out to me by thous..

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