The "Michelle Obama Is A Man" Psyops: Ask A Psychic, Pt2 Christwire Article

Nana Baakan

First published at 14:50 UTC on February 21st, 2017.

The "Michelle Obama Is A Man" Psyops: Ask A Psychic, Part 2 The Article

Part Two: The Article by Matthew Glosser @ & Dr. Eowyn
What started this rumor? This article entitled,
"Shocking New Revelation about Michelle Obama: A Must Read, Christwire Exclusive" By Matthew B. Glosser JUNE 30, 2011

It was written by Matthew Glosser on the website on June 30, 2011. It is no longer available at this site, but can be accessed by following the link which will take you to, what is commonly called the "WayBack Machine." I'm am glad that I was able to find this link. It was posted in one of the comments under this article. Otherwise, the original source would be unavailable.

Christwire is a satirical website that publishes blog-style articles intended to ridicule excesses of American Christian conservatives. Recurring topics include homosexuality, atheism, Hollywood, and other purported threats to American culture.[1][2][3][4]
Like similar satirical websites, Christwire's stories have sometimes been erroneously taken at face value.[2]

I have extensively discussed this website and its founder in my Video called: "Is Michelle Obama A Man?" Part9 & 9B. During my research I discovered that is a satire site and while it may have some interesting articles, it certainly has an edge to it that make some of their articles less than credible. Nevertheless this article has been taken verbatim and reposted on numerous websites around the web. I would even imagine that it has been posted in paper news outlets as well, eventhough most news is coming over the web these days.

In this video we will discuss the founder, Brian Butvidas and his motivations for allowing the story to be posted on his site.

We will discuss Matthew B. Glosser, ..

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