Sane Progressive Las Vegas Shooting Coverage Part 2, Staged Before Our Very Eyes


First published at 14:18 UTC on October 29th, 2017.

Sane Progressive addresses most common questions from viewers arising from Part 1, more footage, more evidence.. Part 3 will address the questions around the hospital and what occurred with that the night of the shooting. LINKS AND SOURCES:

CBS video:
Youtube took this down repeatedly, uploaded here: Audience member, no hits anywhere, sound system
Be aware there are various types of shooting footage. Real amateur witness footage (this footage is often spliced with faked rescues scenes prerecorded to leak, this footage is shown and debunked also in 1st video). Staged rescue footage taken AHEAD and staged footage created night of event. Its confusing but once you watch it, it become easy to separate it out.
Shooting footage:
Actors file out and being to run before first 'shots' or EXACTLY when first 'shots' fired. Pure comedy.
Shooting footage. Remember, see more of these links in FIRST video description box linked above:
Front Row Footage.
Las Vegas Review Journal - lots of videos like this up over on LVRJ. Best place to go to see staged rescue videos for those interested:
More 'victims' - the 'giggle twins' & the girl with 'foot dangling off'' with a piece of gauze over leg:
Braden Matejka who has the media in DAMAGE control:
Here is his Reuters interview,
This article talks about how there was a FeMA drill with hospital going on the night of shooting, lots of witness footage (youtube taking down left and right) showing mock rescues, photos of Fema trailers. I am in the process of recompiling all of this - and I will put a video up with the good links and sources that youtube had deleted. This needs a full separate piece. But here is an overview that I will document much more throughly in upcoming vid. Stay tuned:
Again, this needs more extensive documentation which I will provide in next video but at least wanted to give you a clue about what was up at the hospitals that night. More coming. Thanks!

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