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First published at 01:36 UTC on January 14th, 2018.

HI AND WELCOME!... My name is Tony. If you are awakening, you will be rediscovering yourself and your reality. I didn’t sketch, heal, channel, see “5D” colors, feel peace and emotional balance or have multidimensional awareness prior to the huge energy shift in the fall of 2015.

REQUEST MY (free-for-now) SHAMANIC HEALING ENERGY. Details about how it works are in my Shamanic Healing Playlist. There is no catch. It works, but I want more feedback to present my gift accurately. Thank you!

I WILL BE TALKING ABOUT spiritual awakening, dark night of the soul, spiritual ascension, feeling disconnected from reality, multidimensional reality or 5D reality, spiritual gifts, Mandela Effect, quantum physics as it applies to spiritual awakening (in layman's terms).

I AM LIVING OFF GRID with a solar panel to charge my cell phone, so these vids are data conscious (limited cell data) with a voice recording + one of my sketches that are uploaded to an mp3-to-video website service, which combines and posts normal quality vids for me.

SPIRITUAL MASTERS TRIED TO TELL US that we can be like them… If you experience multidimensional reality, you were/are probably a conspiracy freak (partially awake) and you were right, but it’s time to drop that fear-focus for a love-focus to become the Master (teacher) you came here to be. You have psychic/healing gift(s) to discover.

AT MY WEBSITE YOU WILL FIND four waves of channeled sketched with hundred of insights into spiritual awakening; dark night of the soul; transformation of mind, body and spirit; spiritual ascension; quantum mechanics and multidimensional awareness.

SPIRITUALITY AND QUANTUM PHYSICS are climbing the same mountain. Reality seems to be co-created 100% by you and 100% by all of us (the collective). How is this possible? It’s possible when we have infinite state-of-being versions of all of us to interact with, based on our personal state of being (vibration). Be careful how much fear you choose to let into your state of being. We attract like-vibrations!

THE GLOBAL TRANSITION into enlightenment is under way. At the same time, we are moving from society enslaving, centralized fiat currencies, to decentralized crypto currencies.

IF YOU ARE ABUNDANT and want to donate, here are my crypto addresses. Thank you!
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