May 16: More Fake "Racial Profiling" Claims | Atheism Is Unstoppable | Hayley Quinn, Dating Expert

Jesse Lee Peterson

First published at 19:57 UTC on May 16th, 2018.

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May 16 Hour 1: False “racial profiling” claims from NAACP president; How do you see women?

Robert Mueller investigating “Russian involvement” in the election and the Trump administration — nothing! Black preacher & NAACP president Jerrod Moultrie says he was “racially profiled” by the cop, but it’s a lie! He took down his Facebook post when the bodycam footage disproved everything he said. | 2) Remember: Another South Carolina black woman falsely cried “racism” on a white cop in Virginia, but bodycam tells the real story. | 3) Tyrone of Chicago says Obama was good — socialized healthcare. But blacks love begging for free stuff; they don’t care about what’s right. Tyrone is a liar, he pretended to think Trump was doing a good job! | 4) Joel tries to read answers to Biblical Question: How do you see women? Susan of Oregon talks about women and men.

May 16 Hour 2: Atheism Is Unstoppable: on parents, God, women, men, ‘racism,’ & Trump

GUEST: Devon Tracey, YouTuber known as Atheism Is Unstoppable on why he doesn’t believe in God; he was raised with his father and kooky stepmother after his mother died when he was 5. He grew up Gen X in Los Angeles in the Boy Scouts, graduated from UCLA with a degree in history. He doesn’t think there’s evidence of God — Jesse says it’s a mistake to try to prove God exists. God and his son don’t care, they watch human beings make fools of themselves. Many young people are atheists, and most activist atheists are liberal SJWs. Jesse asks: How do you see women? He doesn’t see them too differently from men. He says he has a good relationship with women, unlike many young "Asperger's" guys. ..

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