$3K fine parolee said look both ways crossing Portland street dumpster searching waptek!


First published at 01:17 UTC on June 14th, 2018.

2018/06/7 Order of Immediate Re-Parole , previous bond is REINSTATED , total fines = $2,976.67

convicted parole violator (CPV) or technical parole violator (TPV).
Each parolee signs a standard parole agreement with a set of conditions. Additional conditions can be added, but most are pretty standard.
. Breaking curfew, moving without permission or unauthorized contact with a victim are examples of technical parole violations. These violators may be sanctioned by an additional constraint on their freedom, sent to a treatment program or be recommitted to prison, depending on the severity and frequency of the violation.

For a violent offenses, the parolee loses all of the street time spent on parole, which leads to a sentence recalculation and a parole violation maximum expiration date
terrorist threats depending on the threat,

02/02/2017 Delinquency Notice Filed - 328 Days Overdue
02/10/2017 Mail Returned Undeliverable

04/05/2018 Entry of Appearance
04/16/2018 Tyler Stuart Setcavage, filed Motion to Withdraw as Counsel
05/01/2018 Tyler Stuart Setcavage, filed Motion to Withdraw as Counsel
05/04/2018 ohn Wagner, Granting Motion to Withdraw Counsel
05/04/2018 Wagner, John Appointed a Public Defender
06/04/2018 Bail Set - Cone, Scott Allan
06/05/2018 Entry of Appearance

06/07/2018 Defendant's parole is REVOKED,
Defendant shall serve the remaining balance of his unserved sentence or until further Order by the Court.
defendant shall be given credit for time served from 6-26-15 to July 13, 2015 (18 days)
defendant shall not receive credit for street time while at liberty on parole

Defendant is Found In Contempt and shall be sentenced to incarceration of time served at FCP from June 1, 2018 to this date.
$ 25,000.00 straight cash bond set in this matter is SET ASIDE , shall be of no further force or effect , previous bond is REINSTATED.

Order of Immediate Re-Parole (Parole Date 6..

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