Alex Jones Epic Meltdown Full Broadcast


First published at 13:08 UTC on April 16th, 2018.

Alex Jones flips out and completely loses his mind on air.... over targeted missile strikes on empty (of people) chemical weapons factories and storage facilities. No ground invasion force. No U.S. troops hurt or killed. No WW3 with Russia, Iran, and/or Syria. Alex jumps the gun and betrays Trump, cursing out Trump with vile, vitriolic, expletive-filled, demented rantings. Invites on lying disinfo agent "Zach" to spread more fear, confusion, anger, distrust, and division within Trump's base. Joel Skousen adds to the hysteria and anti-Trump rantings.

Trump did not sell us out, is not compromised, and is not working for the deep state. Alex Jones on the other hand, is.

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