Pizzagate PROOF/Mueller Drains Swamp - Painting the Picture... Q Anon



First published at 02:03 UTC on December 08th, 2017.

- Dinner OR Pizza??? Clearly a code in a lesser looked at Podesta email; same pedophile code proven by arrest of officer for "cheese pizza" post

- Mueller got immunity for his crimes in Uranium One (he handed the uranium over himself) and was asked by Generals Kelly, Mattis, Flynn, and President Trump to drain the swamp. It is the biggest counter-coup sting operation ever and it has a lot of people fooled, but now it's time for us in the know to realize this. Whatever you think of the Q Anon drops it is clear that the Storm is here; just look around and keep looking. Soon it will be undeniable even to low information people.

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