An EXTREMELY FOCUSED Spirit Box Session for Steve Huff. Amazing REAL Messages were Received.

Suit Yourself

First published at 17:02 UTC on October 11th, 2017.

In this extremely focused session I attempt to connect with Steve Huff who sadly may pass away at some stage. I use my new Astral Doorway to try to connect with Steve's spirit, and then I lure his spirit out of his body. He then Astral Projects and makes a connection with my new Astral Doorway (only one available, $9,150.00), amazing real class 'A sharp' messages were received. Rare full 100% legit coherent communication.

Steve Huff may not remember these conversations if and when his spiritual form returns to his physical body.


In all seriousness, Steve Huff from Huff Paranormal milks the death of famous people like Hugh Hefner and Tom Petty, before their body's are even cold, he will mock up a spirit box session in an attempt to add credibility to his customised guitar amps, I mean, Spirit Boxes... and people actually believe him and want to buy his crap.

So I mocked this up to show how easy it is to pull this off.

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