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First published at 05:34 UTC on May 15th, 2018.

THIS EXPLOSIVE DOCUMENTARY CONNECTS THE DOTS TO ALL OF THE KEY PLAYERS .. The Ring that binds them all .. the Chabad Lubavitch .. Rothschild's Khazarian Mafia The psychological operations being waged on Western Countries.

While history repeats itself over and over and People continue to look for saviors in men, such as Trump and this psy-op of Q-anon clearly ran by Russian Jew Steve Pieczenik. Out to make Trump as some sort of White Hat - Good Guy. And then there is Putin muddling about in the Middle East not really doing anything but Playing in the theater and grabbing some of the Arms Contracts. Doing nothing to stop the US and Israel from continued Molestation of Syria. Meanwhile the Rothschild's Continue to Expand their control and steal the Energy Resources of Arab countries with their company Genie Energy.

The Rothschilds that had their eyes on the land of Palestine since the earliest records of the 1830’s
While Herzl is specifically mentioned in the Israeli Declaration of Independence and is officially referred to as "the spiritual father of the Jewish State" i.e. the visionary who gave a concrete, practicable platform and framework to political Zionism, he was not the first Zionist or activist; scholars, many of them religious leaders, such as RabbisYehuda Bibas, Zvi Hirsch Kalischer and Judah Alkalai, promoted a range of proto-Zionist ideas before him.

There was another figure that has escaped most awareness and that was Russian Vladimir Jabotinski, another Zionist movement Leader. Vladimir Jabotinski demanded that Palestine must be the location of the home for the Jews. This Russian Zionist group was the largest of the movement of them all. What most fail to recognize is that the Rothschilds were the very power and finance behind the movement, this includes the Russian Zionist movement.

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