Murdoch Murdoch AMA 1 LAY ON THE SPIKES - FULL


First published at 07:18 UTC on June 14th, 2018.

Murdoch Murdoch AMA 061218 FULL 5 Hours


k, fagotts and fagétts, and yes, you are one or the other, no in-betweens. so i went on another 36 hour or something like that mm spergout, if you want to see the last one ask. this might end up being a yearly thing, who knows? this vid is the full 5 hour ama. i know, you don't hear much from them outside the toons, but like kalifornia when it rains it pours for five hours straight. there are 10 vidz below broken up into roughly 30min segments each. i listed where they started and ended by topic and eventually will fill in all the stuff in the middle or you can help by listing topics in the comments. i use the minimalist schematic method, very few words as possible. so there's that. the audio can get shitty at times, i don't know why murdoch's mic seems harsh, murdoch chan seems to have the best audio, but you'll deal with this. i know life is hard in crappy windows 10 data mining world.

so i listed these as educational videos cause they are, mostly cause i believe the topics are that important and the lectures given by DR. Murdoch make them so. tons of information here for you to consider and look into yourself. stratagems to take with you on the art of red pilling normies and your boomer parents. of course there's inside information on the history of the show, its name, the biographies and backgrounds of the creators, but no, no fucking doxers, and please don't do that shit until we have the ethnostate. seriously, doxers, get a life!

if you don't make it to the end i'll drop a spoiler here, send them (over on gab) a movie you would like to have them watch and comment on, like mystery science theater 3k, for future fun extra eps.

on my end if you are up for a debate on any of the topics they covered and you got youtube hangout let me know, like everyone else I do have opinions, but mostly want to get the ethnostate going so share your ideas and let's get busy building and funding!

...and one final note, the world is full of wonder, find yours.


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