ANTIFA: Kevin Metcalf and Lawyer Stephen Ellis File Lawsuit Against Kevin J Johnston

Kevin J. Johnston

First published at 00:35 UTC on September 8th, 2017.

Wouldn't you know it? A terrorist, thief, provocateur, liar, AntiFa member, and nationally panned loser has filed a lawsuit against me.
You all know who this guy is now. He is white and he wishes to see all white people killed although he's never really stated why.
On his Twitter account, he insults police officers directly and lays claim to the fact that domestic terrorist organizations like AntiFa and Black Lives Matter should prevail and the rest of us whitey's who have jobs, should die.
He refers to himself as a professional "pain in the ass" and tells everybody that his opinions are his and will soon be ours as well. Strong words for a pussy and loser, but here we are... The internet has allowed for even the biggest pussy and the biggest loser to have a platform to spew their unsubstantiated garbage from every orifice on their body.
I am referring to NOW MAGAZINE'S Kevin Metcalf, somebody who once stalked me in the city of Ottawa.
This guy challenges police officers and security guards to hit him through words and actions and then writes fake news about the fact that he was assaulted.
His lawyer Stephen Ellis is equally as insane, and now I get to meet the two of them face-to-face in a court of law where I can ask the two of them all kinds of questions about their domestic terrorist views and desires.
In this video, I read the two threatening letters I received from lawyer Stephen Ellis and finally the lawsuit that bares Kevin Metcalf's name as the plaintiff.
In a very near future video, I will read the defense that I filed with the courts.
Kevin J.

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